The Winter Park Health Foundation is primarily focused on improving health in the communities of Winter Park, Maitland and Eatonville.  We identify health issues and needs through ongoing data collection and monitoring trends.  We invest in programs, grants, outreach and facilities designed to improve health. Our strategy is to engage partners and empower residents to support healthy behaviors (see People), address barriers to health (see Needs), create healthy habits where people live, learn, work and play (see Places), and make health a priority (see Policy).

People: Supporting Healthy Behaviors

We strive to positively influence the health behaviors of individuals and communities.  We identify and empower champions who share this aspiration.  With a focus on prevention, our intention is to improve health, quality of life and prosperity in the communities we serve. learn more

Needs: Addressing Barriers to Health

We recognize there are barriers that can make it more difficult for some people to pursue healthy lifestyles. We consider these obstacles and work with communities to remove them so all residents can practice healthy behaviors and make healthy choices. learn more

Places: Creating a Healthy Habitat

We work with leaders of the places where residents live, learn, work and play to make sure these environments promote good health, enable healthy choices and encourage healthy behaviors. learn more

Policy: Making Health a Priority

We consider the laws, rules and environments that impact behavior.  We believe policy, systems and environmental change can help make healthier choices more feasible. learn more