Medallions with a Message at the Center for Health & Wellbeing

Take some time to thoughtfully observe nature and the environment around you and you may be surprised by the number of times the pattern of sevens appears. For example, there are seven oceans and seven continents on earth. A musical scale consists of seven notes. You’ll find seven colors in a rainbow.  Seven days make up a week.  There are even seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The number seven is a strong symbol that, in many cultures, is considered beneficial and protective.

Because the design and philosophy of the Center for Health & Wellbeing is very much inspired by nature and its power to heal, series of sevens also occur throughout this special space. The Seven Dimensions of Wellbeing inform and illuminate our programs and services. You’ll find seven gardens at the Center, seven unique places where visitors can find peace in lush greens or reflection in a walk through a grove.

The crown jewels of the Center for Health & Wellbeing are the seven six-foot resin-and-terrazzo medallions placed in the Commons’ terrazzo floor. Immensely intricate in detail and deliberate in their design, the medallions were created by Keri Caffrey, a local artist and Rollins College Fine Arts graduate who has worked with the Winter Park Health Foundation for more than two decades.

The medallions take inspiration from the Seven Dimensions of Wellbeing and are both stimulating art pieces and functional way-finders. The medallion that relates to physical wellbeing features lush greens and vibrant fruits and is steps outside Nourish Coffee Bar + Kitchen. The medallion reflecting social wellbeing, alive with buzzing bees working together, has been placed near the Community Conference Center; the medallion illustrating physical wellbeing is located near the Peggy & Philip B. Crosby Wellness Center. The collection of seven medallions gives visitors clues into their potential as healthy, whole members of their community, and into the Center’s mission.

Colors come alive during the installation of the first medallion.

Keri Caffrey, artist, and George Kirk, CHWB Project Manager, provide direction to an installer from the medallions’ manufacturer, David Allen Co.

The Messages Behind the Medallions


The Compass Rose welcomes you on a journey to wholeness, health and joy. Let the Center’s welcome desk point you in the right direction, or simply wander through the Commons and explore the possibilities.


Life’s trajectory is one of increasing knowledge, wisdom and accomplishments. It can also be one of increasing health. We invite you to grow bolder and soar higher with the Healthy Living Experience, the BeWell Bar, our Wellbeing Guides and the Wellbeing Network.


“Let food be thy medicine…” Wellbeing of the body and mind begins with nutrient-dense, whole foods. Enjoy a wholesome meal at Nourish Coffee Bar + Kitchen, or visit the Nutrition Theater to learn techniques and ingredients for preparing food that will help you and your family thrive.


Together we can do so much. In the Elinor & T. William Miller Jr. Community Conference Center, we teach and learn, inspire and are inspired. Joins us as we collaborate to achieve our vision and grow our healthy community!


Wholeness is enhanced through reflection, introspection, self-realization and self-mastery. Experience the depth of stillness and realize the way forward to live fully with curiosity, agility, and grace.


Movement is a catalyst for health and wholeness. Ten thousand steps begin with just one. Invite the energy of movement to cleanse, heal and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.


A life well lived is a series of transformations. The cells within you turn over and renew throughout your life. Nourishment, reflection and new habits revolutionize your being. Enjoy the beauty and serenity as you wander through the gardens on the journey to your best self.