creating a healthy habitat


The Winter Park Health Foundation collaborates with community, school and business leaders to help them recognize the important role they can play in promoting health, and how health impacts quality of life, productivity and economic vitality. The focus is on cultivating community champions and working with those who are ready to make the healthy choice an easier choice in school, at worksites, and throughout the community at large.

Preschool Playgrounds to Get Facelift

New grants totaling about $32,000 will enable two local child care centers to enhance playgrounds and enable more to play.

Marked Walking Paths Unveiled April 4th

New marked walking paths in Maitland Office Center Complex, supported by a Healthy Central Florida Health Innovation Grant, will be unveiled April 4th.

New Fitness Programs for Seniors

Two new fitness programs—one designed to help improve balance and the other aimed at helping those with arthritis stay active—will be offered to older adults at the Crosby YMCA Wellness Center.

Healthy Central Florida Celebrates

Nearly 50 volunteers, staff and friends of Healthy Central Florida (HCF) gathered January 24 to celebrate achievements over the past two years.

Health Council of East Central Florida to Conduct Parramore Health Impact Assessment

The health impact assessment will help with the planning and visioning process for Parramore already under way.

Leading a Community to Health

When Bruce Mount was elected Mayor of the Town of Eatonville he expected lots of paperwork to cross his desk. What he didn’t expect was the steady flow of funeral notices requiring his signature. There were two or three notices a week, for young and old.

Lifetime of Healthy Habits Cultivated in Child Care Centers

Local child care centers are getting wellness education through a new Nemours obesity prevention initiative.

Healthy Habits for Life Initiative Expanding to 14 New Local Child Care Centers

The Nemours program for childhood obesity prevention teaches kids the difference between "Sometimes" and "Anytime" foods.