Introducing the Wellbeing Network

The Winter Park Health Foundation (WPHF), working in partnership with Growing Bolder,  is putting the finishing touches on creation of the Wellbeing Network (WBN).  The first phase of the WBN will launch early 2018 when its website introduces “channels” for each of the seven dimensions of wellbeing: physical, intellectual, environmental, vocational, social, emotional, and spiritual. Each channel will include both audio and video stories that feature individuals whose actions embody one or more of the dimensions.

In preparation for the launch, Growing Bolder has interviewed well-known health and wellness experts, impassioned national leaders, and inspirational local older adults, all who are willing to share their knowledge, challenges, and successes. In addition to these stories, the website will also serve as a repository of the latest information on the development and projected opening of the Center for Health & Wellbeing (CHWB).

The second phase of the WBN will focus on sharing CHWB programming with the community.  When it opens late 2018, the CHWB will be home to the WBN with Growing Bolder operating from a studio within the new facility to produce and share inspirational stories about community members who are practicing healthy living and positive aging; as well as videos that capture advice and tips from experts providing education and services at the CHWB.

“Growing Bolder has been a fantastic partner for the Winter Park Health Foundation.  From the start, they have shared our vision for both the WBN and CHWB.  We are thrilled with the quality of their work and believe that their continued engagement in these efforts is a win for us, for them, and for the community,” said Diana Silvey, WPHF VP for CHWB Programming.