Day Break’s Arts and Wellness Program Holds Second Exhibit

Easterseals Day Break recently held its Second Annual Art Exhibit.  Day Break is an adult day health care program that serves adults with disabilities or special needs, and older adults with dementia related disorders or other impairments.  Members enjoy activities designed to benefit their core balance, cognitive and motor skills, problem solving, and other important skills which bring a sense of independence and stimulation therefore contributing to overall quality of life.

Day Break’s Arts and Wellness program has been funded in large part by grants from the Winter Park Health Foundation. Day Break staff, trained by professional artists, assist members in exploring different art mediums. Through art, members are able to express themselves creatively and improve their physical and psychological wellbeing.

A decorated paintbrush at Day Break’s Second Annual Art Exhibit.

The art exhibit was attended by Day Break members and their families, community partners, donors and supporters of Easterseals. Day Break staff spoke in depth about each of the art programs (poetry, visual art, music and dance), discussing how the programs are facilitated as well as the benefits of increased member engagement. One of the greatest outcomes is member happiness during and after participation. Data collection indicates a reduction in participant agitation has also been observed as a result of this program.

Several Day Break members present at the art exhibit proudly pointed out their own art work to family members. One member was quoted as saying, “I didn’t know I could create such nice art.”  A family member also noted, “My mom says she doesn’t do anything at Day Break, and now I can see what she has actually done and it’s amazing.”

The Day Break program and other Easterseals services are based at the Elinor & T. William Miller, Jr. Center for Older Adult Services in Winter Park.  The Winter Park Health Foundation developed and owns the facility; providing it to Easterseals Florida to operate Day Break and provide other valuable services for older adults in the community.


Paintings at Day Break’s Second Annual Art Exhibit.

Paintings at Day Break’s Second Annual Art Exhibit.