Senior Learning Network Expands

The Winter Park Health Foundation (WPHF), through its Older Adults Work Group, has directed a grant to the Senior Resource Alliance which will enable up to eight local organizations to participate in the Senior Learning Network (SLN).

An older adult uses a tablet to access the internet

By using a secure internet connection and minimal computer equipment, SLN is able to bring remarkable educational programs to organizations that serve groups of older adults. Program offerings run the gamut from art to spirituality, science to professional development, and everything in between. Through voice or data technology, the audience can ask questions of the presenters, creating a truly interactive experience for all. Participants may choose to visit behind the scenes of a ballet, talk to the National Archives to facilitate research in genealogy, or even interact with authors to discuss their books and writing styles. The choice of topics is endless.

By accessing an online library, member organizations are able to select a particular program and request that it be scheduled. They may also view the existing calendar of offerings (which consist of programs other member organizations have requested) and participate in them. In this way, an array of programming is available to members, leveraging the content and reach of the approximately 100 organizations currently affiliated with SLN.

Older adults are provided instruction on how to navigate the internet

“We expect the SLN program will make distance learning available to older adults who may not have the economic means or health required to travel to places that could greatly expand their world.  The Foundation’s support of this program has the potential to enhance older adult health by streaming educational oppportunities from all across the country to our local communities,” said Diana Silvey, WPHF Program Director.