WPHS Students Seek Donations for REAL Food Drive Ending Nov. 30

LLH Food Day '15 Farmer's Mkt

This year, in conjunction with October’s National Food Day, Live.Life.Healthy (LLH) students at Winter Park High School (WPHS) are participating in a REAL food drive campaign. Promoted to WPHS students during LLH’s Food Day held on October 26, the REAL food drive, an initiative of Amp Your Good, is an online fundraiser where people can donate money towards the purchase of fresh produce. The goal of the LLH food drive is to provide WPHS students-in-need with fresh fruits and vegetables over the holidays when school is out and they may not have access to healthy meals and snacks. Overall, the campaign has a dual purpose – to ensure that every donated food items is able to feed someone faced with hunger and to create awareness of the plight of those struggling with food insecurity. Thirty-six organizations joined forces to help support the Amp Your Good campaign.

b9bg_ejiaaezvebHoliday and other food drives typically focus on collecting non-perishable food items which are critical to providing much needed shelf-stable food for those suffering from food insecurity, meaning they are unsure of where their next meal may come from. The REAL food drive seeks to expand the offerings to healthy food items including apples, bananas, oranges, carrots and more. LLH Faculty Coordinator, Meg Pietkiewicz noted, “At Winter Park High School we would like to provide our students with fresh fruits and vegetables that they would be able to take home with them over holiday breaks.  We have many students that utilize our food pantry (which consists of canned or boxed food), who would truly appreciate REAL food.  We’re partnering with Amp Your Good on this REAL Food Drive so you can donate fresh produce. Currently, we are at 167% of our goal, which equates to 167 lbs of fresh fruit and vegetables.  We are [now] hoping to reach 200 lbs.  When the produce is delivered, the Live.Life.Healthy students will package the produce in bags for the students to take home.”

The REAL food drive will end on November 30. To donate through LLH, please visit their page REAL food drive page.