5th Annual Eatonville Run Around the Town 5K is a Success

Over 70 children ran or walked along the streets of Eatonville, in the 5th annual Run Around the Town 5K race on October 12, cheered on by their neighbors, principals, and teachers.

The event was coordinated by the Positive Flow Foundation (PFF), a non-profit which has been working with Eatonville students for more than eight years to inspire them to live positive and healthy lifestyles. In previous years, PFF has received funding from Winter Park Health Foundation (WPHF) to build their capacity to conduct these type of fitness events in Eatonville.  This year, PFF was able to coordinate the Run Around the Town 5K without additional financial support from WPHF.

The Run Arourun-around-the-town-for-the-eatonville-boys-and-girls-club-1nd the Town 5K race is helping to make the Central Florida community healthier. Folks from all across Florida participated in this friendly run through the Historic Town of Eatonville, FL. The route took participants past historic landmarks and exposed them to the wonderful culture of the town.

Proceeds from the event benefited the Positive Flow Foundation. Its mission is to help children and families live more positive and healthy lifestyles.