Live.Life.Healthy Presents WPHS Health Fair

img_2751Special to Inspiring Health from:

Julia Story
Live.Life.Healthy Student Board at Winter Park High School


On Wednesday, September 28, the Live.Life.Healthy Student Board at Winter Park High School (WPHS) hosted its annual Health Fair.  This year, to get an idea of what health aspects should be the focus of the event, 160 WPHS students were asked to answer a brief questionnaire to offer their ideas on what being healthy means.  Based on their responses, 12 different activities were designed to engage students during the health fair. Some examples of topics covered were stress relief, sleep, healthy snacking, the importance of breakfast, healthy ways to maintain energy throughout the day, dealing with backpack weight, good fats versus bad fats, the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, and exercising daily.

The presenters were directed to create an activity revolving around these subjects to garner student participation.  For example, those working the sleep table, talked to the students about how much sleep a teen should get and provided examples of what foods to eat before bedtime to help them get to sleep.  They also gave away cherry juice that has melatonin in it, which is a natural sleep inducer.

img_2750The participants also created their own stress balls, which was a huge success but quite the mess with flour exploding everywhere!!

We had over 400 students visit our booths.  They walked away with valuable information about making healthy life decisions.  Many expressed an eagerness to get involved in more Live.Life.Healthy activities to come!