Rebranding Aging with Growing Bolder

The Winter Park Health Foundation (WPHF), through its Older Adults Work Group, recently awarded the Senior Resource Alliance (SRA) a grant to partner with Growing Bolder, a leader in active lifestyle content creation and delivery.  Across Growing Bolder’s many platforms (TV shows, documentary films, a radio show, a magazine, social media channels, and strategic partnerships), the organization is on a mission to Rebrand Aging.  Its goal is to change the way the world looks at aging by smashing stereotypes and delivering hope, inspiration and possibility.

growing bolder aging

Through SRA, the WPHF grant will engage Growing Bolder as the content creator charged with producing a wide array of materials that ultimately, will become the basis for WPHF’s “health span network” (working title: H-Span).  It is envisioned that H-Span will include a website, social media channels, videos, and an electronic newsletter all of which will be created exclusively for WPHF to provide older adults in our community with easy access to:

  • general health and wellness, nutrition, fitness and rehabilitation tips featuring many area and national experts;
  • informational features highlighting the health benefits of gardening, socialization, walking, creativity, etc. and how all these positively impact your health span;
  • an ongoing series of tech tips designed to help local residents better access and utilize the many new technologies that are impacting their lives;
  • a series of resident profiles, celebrating the active and healthy lifestyles of local seniors as a way of inspiring others; and
  • features designed to create a connection with individuals, communities and groups that will ultimately be served by Project Wellness, upon its completion.

All content created will be evergreen in nature, meaning it will have a long shelf life.  Ultimately, all H-Span content will become its own digital channel of internet programming.  H-Span will reach seniors where they live — whether it’s a retirement community, assisted living facility or their individual homes with a highly targeted delivery of health and wellness content.

Content will also be re-purposed so it can be used for newsletters, blogs, websites (including those of local partners), etc.  This first of its kind network will become a valuable lifeline; a communication tool that educates, motivates and inspires area seniors, their families, and their caregivers.  The grant begins September 1 and launch of the network is anticipated during Fall 2016.