Local Middle School Students Create Videos to Promote Safe Walking and Biking

In an effort to promote awareness of and participation in walking and riding to school safely, Healthy Central Florida (HCF) sponsored a video contest for local middle school students. Forty-three videos were received and judged by a panel of professional, local videographers.

Click here to view top videos. See below to view the top three winners’ videos.

The videos highlighted the theme “Walking and riding to school is cool when you do it safely.” The videos promoted walking and/or biking and focused on crosswalk safety, paying attention while walking or biking, wearing a helmet and not wearing earbuds. The entries did a great job promoting these themes in an entertaining fashion. HCF is seeking opportunities to showcase the top videos at local theatres or at community movies over the summer.

HCF Video Contest

Due to the outstanding quality of the entries, two first place prizes were awarded along with a third place and four honorable mentions. “The quality blew me away,” said Kyle Massey, one of the judges.  “There were some very creative takes on this theme – from original music, raps, stunts and stop-video animation, these videos showcased it all.  I was very impressed.”

“This contest was a fun way to promote walking and biking – as well as safety,” said Jill Hamilton Buss, executive director of Healthy Central Florida, which sponsored the contest. “Kids get the message and are more interested when they’re hearing it from peers and friends.  This contest hit all the marks.”

In addition to this video contest, HCF also hosts an annual Walk and Bike to School Workshop and gives grants totaling $10,000 to assist area schools in promotion of walking and biking as safe options for commuting to school.  The video contest and grants are just two ways the organization is working to encourage more kids and their families to safely participate in these healthier modes of transportation.

HCF Video Contest2

The winning video entries were submitted by the following students:

  • First Place: Jake Webb and JT Story, Maitland Middle School, 8th grade – $150 (the prize will be split)
  • First Place: Carly DeHart, Maitland Middle School, 8th grade – $150
  • Third Place: Kara Cornelius, Maitland Middle School, 6th grade – $50

Four Honorable Mentions (each receiving a movie pass, Healthy Central Florida tote bag and water bottle) include:

  • Alex Bludworth, Maitland Middle School
  • Jack Cochierella and Ethan Le, Maitland Middle School, 7th grade
  • Alyssa Gidus, Maitland Middle School
  • Sarah Reiss, Glenridge Middle School, 6th grade

A tie for first place resulted in two projects each receiving $150. No second place was awarded due to the tie, but the third place winner received $50.