Eatonville Master Plan Incorporates Healthy Community Design

Eatonville Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has approved a new CRA Master Plan for the Town of Eatonville.  The plan, approved on Feb. 16, 2016, incorporates the principles of healthy community design and lays the groundwork to ensure the Town of Eatonville continues to be a walkable community.

The Healthy Eatonville Team – founded through the Healthy Central Florida initiative – adopted the goal of incorporating the principles of healthy community design into the Town’s planning documents and supported a proposal to build the capacity of the CRA to complete this process.   Members of the Healthy Eatonville Team served as advocates for healthy community design at community visioning workshops which were held as part of preparing the plan.  The workshops (Workshop 1 and Workshop 2) were made possible by a grant from the Winter Park Health Foundation to create a vision for the Town of Eatonville that ensures a healthy, livable, workable and sustainable future for residents and visitors.

Themes embedded throughout the plan include;

  1. Connectivity to Other Communities – to alleviate traffic and promote economic development
  2. High Performance Infrastructure – upgraded sewer, water and electric systems
  3. Attractive for Business and Economic Development Opportunities
  4. Embracing History, Culture and Education
  5. Develop a Quality Sense of Place, Character & Image

The approved plan allows the Board to spend CRA funds to achieve the goals.  Additionally, the board approved the recommendation to begin the assessment of the water systems in the Town.


Eatonville CRA Board (consists of Town Council plus two community members) and their legal counsel and Tom Kohler, GAI consultant paid for by WPHF grant at the CRA meeting where the plan was adopted.

The Eatonville CRA Board (Town Council plus two community members),  along with its legal counsel and Tom Kohler (consultant underwritten as part of a grant from the Winter Park Health Foundation), recently met to consider and adopt a new Master Plan.