HCF Parades for Health & Happiness

For the last 63 years, the city of Winter Park and Winter Park Chamber of Commerce have brought the community together with the Annual Winter Park “Ye Olde Hometown” Christmas Parade.

As families and friends lined Park Avenue on Saturday, December 5 with fold-out chairs and coffee cups in hand, the spectacle of marching bands, dance troupes, boy and girl scouts, and decorated floats with nativity scenes created a moving Christmas pageant for all to enjoy.

But the most beautiful sights were not the decorations or sparkling lights – it was the coming together of so many different people in our community.  From eight to eighty, the parade delighted children and their grandparents alike, and helped spread the pure joy of the season.

HCF Parade image

And Healthy Central Florida (HCF) helped add a dose of fun and health to the parade with local elementary school parents and children walking together in step with the HCF fire truck/mobile playground.  In addition, Blender Bike riders made pedal-powered smoothies, which were handed out for the crowd to sample. Now that’s healthy, active fun!

HCF is a community-based partnership established by the Winter Park Health Foundation and Florida Hospital to help transform our community into the healthiest in the nation. Its aim is to get people moving more, eating healthier, feeling better, and enjoying a more vibrant, energized life.

Happy Holidays to all from Healthy Central Florida and the Winter Park Health Foundation!


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