School Recess Gets More Active

More local children are jumping rope, playing Frisbee, or even bowling at school thanks to the recess carts delivered to their elementary schools on October 2.   The recess carts were provided to eight Winter Park, Maitland and Eatonville elementary schools thanks to a Winter Park Health Foundation grant in support of the recess resolution passed by the Orange County Public Schools School Board earlier this year.

The recess carts are modeled after the Florida Department of Education Office of Healthy Schools’ best practice for classroom physical activity kits, and were successfully piloted through a Fuel Up to Play 60 grant at Audubon Park and Brookshire elementary schools.  The carts are stocked with easy-to-use equipment to increase student participation in non-elimination games and physical activities.  This will help to maximize recess time by eliminating the need for the classroom teacher to locate equipment.  Additionally, the recess carts help decrease scheduling conflicts, overcrowding, and weather-related concerns by allowing for the use of non-traditional space for recess.Kids and recess cart

Each cart contains age-specific equipment for lower elementary grades (K-2) or upper elementary grades (3-5) enabling classroom teachers to customize recess and physical activity breaks based on the specific needs of their students.  Technical support will be provided throughout the school year to assist teachers and schools with use of the recess carts.


Click here to review the OCPS recess resolution.