Project Wellness: In the News

Orlando Sentinel StorySince the Winter Park Health Foundation (WPHF) announced its plans for Project Wellness, there’s a buzz about the potential impact the new and improved wellness center will have on the health and quality of life for residents in Winter Park.

Tim Freed, a writer for the Winter Park Observer, interviewed Patricia Maddox, WPHF President & CEO.  In a feature story published on September 24 , Maddox noted “the new building will be far more than a new YMCA. It’s a one-stop shop for anything health related. Doctors, therapists and experts will be holding regular seminars focusing on how to live healthy and how to treat specific ailments.”

“We could have doctors come in and talk about knee replacements,” Maddox said. “We could have exercise physiologists come in and talk about the appropriate kinds of exercise at different points of life.  Anything is an opportunity here.”

Project Wellness was also the focus of an article written by Susan Jacobson of The Orlando Sentinel.