Worksite Wellness Gets Push in Winter Park Thanks to Winter Park Health Foundation Grant

The Winter Park Health Foundation has awarded the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce (WPCC) a three-year, $220,745 grant to develop and launch Work Well Winter Park, a comprehensive initiative designed to inspire workplace wellness in local businesses.

Work Well Winter Park will demonstrate how the physical work environment provides employers with opportunities to set policies that encourage employees to practice healthy behaviors–such as increasing physical activity–and improving nutrition.  It also will provide employers with information and resources that can be used to establish policies and practices that discourage unhealthy behaviors such as smoking.

“We are thrilled by the generous support of the Winter Park Health Foundation,” said Patrick Chapin, President/CEO of the WPCC.  “The Chamber looks forward to collaborating with the Winter Park Health Foundation and community partners, like the YMCA, Florida Hospital, Florida Blue and many others, on this important and innovative initiative to improve the health and well-being of our workforce.”

The initiative is a byproduct of the work of the ACHIEVE (Action Communities for Health, Innovation & EnVironmental ChangE) Leadership Team of Winter Park. Convened by the WPHF in 2010, ACHIEVE is a program designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that is focused on making local communities healthier places to live, learn, work and play.

The ACHIEVE Leadership Team, made up of local leaders and stakeholders from the public and private sector, directs local efforts. Mr. Chapin is a member of the team and is taking a lead role in the launch of Work Well Winter Park along with a variety of strategic partners.

Worksite wellness is one part of a four-part action plan established by team members after studying the needs of the community. The team also is focused on helping establish tobacco-free public places, safe and friendly streets for all users, and health-supporting programs at the new Winter Park Community Center.

Aimed at bringing about sustainable change, Work Well Winter Park’s many objectives include motivating and equipping at least 25 employers to implement a workplace wellness program, and improving the overall health of each participating business as a whole.

Work Well Winter Park will launch in July with the formation of an Advisory Council made up of leaders in employee health and wellness.  For information about Work Well Winter Park, or to volunteer to serve on the Council, please contact Mr. Chapin at [email protected]