Seniors at The Plymouth Apartments to Get Computer Lab

Residents at The Plymouth Apartments in Winter Park will get a computer lab, thanks to a $5,800 grant approved by the Winter Park Health Foundation (WPHF) through its Older Adults Work Group.

Work group members approved the grant to the Winter Park Housing Authority to fund the purchase of two personal computers and software.

The majority of residents of the complex do not have access to computers on site with many traveling to the Winter Park Public Library to obtain Internet access.  In addition to the computers, a webcam will be purchased so that residents can use technology to keep in touch with family members and friends located outside of Central Florida.  Volunteer college students will provide computer education to residents.

Since nearly 125 of the 208 Plymouth residents drive, the InSight software program also will be purchased and installed. This brain fitness program uses a variety of exercises to speed up visual processing, sharpen visual precision, enlarge useful field of view, expand divided attention and improve visual working memory; all skills that are critical to driving safely.

After just 10 hours of training, clinically proven results of the software substantiate an improvement in reaction time, a decrease in unsafe driving maneuvers and a decrease in the risk of an auto accident, as well as other health benefits that were found to last for up to five years.