First 50+ Boost Your Brain Camp Graduates 19

The first of a series of free “50+Boost Your Brain Camps” graduated 19 participants after five weeks of activities held at the Denton Johnson Community Center in Eatonville.

Offered three days a week, the camp was a collaborative effort between the Town of Eatonville, Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church and Orlando Health.  Seniors First also provided meals to the participants through their nutrition program as an in-kind donation.

OrlandoHealth was one of five recipients of a Boost Your Brain Initiative grant from the Winter Park Health Foundation. The initiative is focused on healthy older adults in Eatonville, Maitland and Winter Park and is designed to help them lead brain-healthy lifestyles including physical activity, good nutrition, socialization, spirituality and mental stimulation.

Camp offerings included sign language instruction, a chair exercise program (Sit-to-be-Fit), educational presentations on a variety of topics, and several outings.  The Sit-to-be-Fit classes were popular and effective, resulting in an overall 92% improvement in fitness levels of all participants.

Grant partners performed an internal assessment and as a result, program improvements are being implemented before the start of the next camp on March 10. They plan to extend an invitation to older adults who participate in programs operating in West Winter Park/Hannibal Square, coordinate transportation logistics for smoother outings, and print out materials for the sign language class so that seniors can practice at home between sessions.