Results of the Florida Health Insurance Study II

Unveiled at the Winter Park Health Foundation

The Florida Health Insurance Study II (FHIS II) research results were unveiled recently at a meeting of the FHIS II Statewide Steering committee held at the Winter Park Health Foundation. The committee is chaired by Lisa Portelli, WPHF Program Director—Access to Health Care.

FHIS II steering committee members invited the Health Council of Central Florida’s Orange County Health Planning Partnership (OCHPP) System of Care work group members to join in the discussion.  The OCHPP has identified access to affordable healthcare as one of its priority areas, and the members were invited to learn and participate in the discussion.

The purpose of the study was to explore the feasibility of developing a health insurance program or option that can be implemented and offered by the primary care clinics for the uninsured.

Here are some survey conclusion highlights:

  • Organizational challenges – 87% of clinics serving the uninsured report difficulties in obtaining specialty care for patients; all Orange County agencies indicated difficulty.
  • Disease management programs – There are few available in the state for uninsured persons
  • Managed care technology – Central Florida agencies currently have no clinical electronic medical records, but use technology for administration and billing
  • Patient access and demographics – 87% of agencies have patients who prefer to use a language other than English;
  • Most common diagnosis – diabetes (27%), asthma (12%), mental health (5%)

In focus groups, uninsured persons indicated they are not willing to pay for current services in a plan, but want more comprehensive and affordable coverage.  The survey reports that they have an “unrealistic view of costs,” and cited $50 per month as the amount they were willing to pay.

The results of the FHIS II were successful in generating a thoughtful and frank conversation about services to the uninsured and the difficulty in marketing solutions.  The group will draft a business plan for a limited benefit coverage option and continue to look for funding sources for a pilot project.

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