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To supplement the comprehensive, school-based health programs that are part of the Coordinated Youth Initiative (CYI) offered in public schools serving families in Eatonville, Maitland and Winter Park, the Winter Park Health Foundation (WPHF) developed and supports a Healthy Kids Today newsletter.

The newsletter, provided to the families of all students in these schools, features school-related health news, information about health services and healthy recipes. Topics often are suggested by CYI staff members who are among the first to pick up on trends surfacing at local schools.

For more health news and information, don’t forget to visit the WPHF-supported website focused on children and their families–www.healthykidstoday.org

Healthy Kids Today – Current Issue | Archived Issues

Download (PDF) of  Elementary School Edition: English | Español

Download (PDF) of Middle and High School Edition: English | Español

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CYI-brochureCoordinated Youth Initiative Brochure

In the belief that Healthy Kids Make Better Students and Better Students make Healthy Communities, the Winter Park Health Foundation is pleased to sponsor a variety of programs that tend to the mental and physical well-being of the children in our community. Here is an introduction to those programs-all part of the Coordinated Youth Initiative.

Download a PDF: English | Español

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